Spencer Micro is the trusted name for computer repair, laptop repair, virus removal, data recovery and Business IT support services in and around Towcester, UK. Our services are designed for individuals and businesses looking for creative IT solutions on a budget.

Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, Servicing, Data Recovery

If you computer is running slow, not powering on, giving you the blue screen of death – or maybe it just needs a service or upgrade ? Look no further. We will perform a full diagnostics on your computer and we will call you with a full diagnosis and our recommendations. You are under no obligation, as the diagnosis is performed completely free of charge.


Free Diagnosis

Every computer and laptop will go through an extensive diagnosis test. All tests are performed completely free of charge. Here is a list of what we test for:

Faulty Hard Drive
Faulty Memory
Faulty Motherboard/Processor

Laptops and Computers are no different to cars. They need regular attention to ensure that they are running at their best. We can perform a full service of your machine to ensure it is running at its optimal performance. We cover:

Internal/External Clean – Free your PC/Laptop from harmful dust.
Virus/Spyware/Malware/Trojan Removal
All security updates performed
All drivers/BIOS updated


Data Recovery

Sometimes your PC or Laptop just needs additional hardware to perform better. Whether it be additional memory, or a SSD upgrade, we can perform any kind of upgrade for you to ensure that your computer or laptop gives you maximum performance.

Backup, backup, backup. Its something we all know we should do but somehow we forget to do it. Then, at the most inconvenient moment – the hard drive fails.

All of your precious photos, videos, and documents are lost forever. Or are they ? We are experts at data recovery, with a success rate of 99.5% recovery, you can be assured that we do everything possible to recover your data. In the unlikey event that we cannot recover your data – there is no fee – regardless of how much time we have spent. You will always be told in advance exactly what the cost will be to recover your data.