Virus Removal

Viruses. Spyware. Malware. Trojans. Adware. Ransomware. They can do various things to your PC, Laptop or Mac – slowing down the machine, sending your every keystroke to anonymous people, capturing images from your webcam – Even encrypt all of your files so you can no longer open them.

Fast Removal – Guaranteed Virus Free
We ensure that your computer (ALL brands including Apple Mac) will leave our workshops completely virus free. We also perform extensive checks to ensure that your device’s Operating System files are verified and all working.

Remote Virus Removal. Workshop Repair. Home Visit.
We can ensure we can respond to your needs quickly. Our popular Remote Support service means you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home/office. Our systems are fully secure, backed by 2 Factor Authentication, so you can be assured your system is safe. We can connect remotely to your system and carry out the repairs remotely. Alternatively, you can arrange a suitable time to drop off to our workshop, or arrange a home or office visit if necessary. Workshop removals will also include an internal clean of your system – at no additional cost!

Award Winning Virus Protection
We can supply/advise on the very best in protection for your system. Free Antivirus really doesn’t cut it these days. it often leaves your system vulnerable to all sorts of attacks.

Get in touch!
To arrange for us to look at your device, simply call us on 01327 635160. We are based in Towcester, but have succesfully removed viruses/trojans on devices remotely hundreds and yes, even thousands of miles away!